Minified.js 1.1 Release Notes

Release 1.1 features a new promise implementation that improves error reporting, as well as some minor bug fixes.

Backward-incompatible Changes

  • Exceptions in then() handlers will not be caught anymore. (WEB-MODULE ONLY!)
  • Promises returned by promise() are now objects, not functions. Use fire() to fulfill or reject them.
  • $.request() will consider all 2xx codes a success.

Fix #54: Web-Module Promises handlers don't handle exceptions

Exeptions thrown by then() handlers have better error handling. In the Web module, they won't be caught and will be reported by the browser. In the full distribution, they will only be caught when you have no error handler for the returned promise. The full distribution uses Nia's new implementation of the promises specification. Because of this, you need to call the new method fire() to change the status of a promise, instead of calling the promise function.

var p = _.promise();
setTimeout(function() {; 
}, 1000);

Fix #51: $.request() accepts all 2xx status codes as success

$.request() will accept all 2xx status codes as success, and not only 200 anymore.

Fix #56: Webpack Incompatibility

Minified 1.0 used this as a shortcut to get the browser's window. This caused issues with webpack, so 1.1 is using only window.

Fix: Timezone handling in format()/parseDate()

_.format() and _.parseDate() did not handle timezones correctly that had an offset using the minutes field (e.g. "+0530").


You can download Minified 1.1 on the download page.