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Make the invisible element of the list visible.
Web module only.



(return value)
the current list


Make the invisible element of the list visible. It does so by setting '$visibility' to 'visible' and making sure that the '$display' style is not 'none'. Calling show() is the same as using set() to set '$$show' to 1.

First it will clear the element's direct '$display' style to remove any 'none' value that may be there. This helps if the element was hidden using the style attribute, or if it has been hidden using hide(). If the '$display' value is still null, it assumes that it has been hidden using a stylesheet and sets '$display' to 'none'.

Please note that because of the way show() works, it will not work correctly if you have hidden a non-block element like a table row using a stylesheet. In that case you can not use show() but should set '$display' manually using set().

Other properties that may hide elements, like '$opacity', are not modifed by show().


Showing elements:


See also..

  • hide() hides elements.
  • set() can do the same by setting '$$show' to 1, and is also still required for some non-block elements.
  • animate() can be used with a '$$fade' or '$$slide' if you want to animate the element.


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