About Minified

I started working on an alternative library because the size of JavaScript libraries like jQuery and MooTools has always bothered me. Often I needed jQuery only for some simple effects and some interactivity, but no matter how much I tried to optimize my own code, it always depended on a 90kB JavaScript library that was 10 times as large as my code. The libraries just felt too large for what they offered, and especially for what I actually needed.

Like so many others, I started maintaining my own collection of helper functions that provided only what I needed from jQuery. As I worked on several projects, more and more helper functions have beed added. When I packaged them for sharing between projects, they became a library of their own. Challenged by the idea of creating a valid replacement for jQuery at a fraction of the size, I tried to match jQuery feature by feature, but always with a focus on keeping the size as small as possible. In July 2013, after about a year of development, the Minified Web module was finally ready for its first release.

In August 2013 I completed the Util module, a second 4kB module that provides helper functions for date arithmetic, list helpers, string helpers, date and number parsing and formatting, templating and promises - everything I frequently missed when using JavaScript. All of this is also provided by other libraries, of course, but only if you add half a dozen dependencies to your project.

Today, Minified is so mature and provides so many features that I believe that Minified has become an awesome alternative to jQuery, surpassing it in many aspects, and all of this at a fraction of the size.

Thank you for your interest in Minified!

Tim Jansen
Tim Jansen