A Truly Lightweight JavaScript Library
Minified.js is a client-side JavaScript library that's both powerful and small. It offers jQuery-like features (DOM manipulation, animation, events, HTTP requests) and utility functions (collections, date&number formatting, date arithmetic, templates) with a single, consistent API.

Minified is smaller!

Minified weighs only 8kB. The Web module with its jQuery-like feature set is just 4kB, a fraction of other libraries' size.

More features!

Minified has a powerful API that offers more than similar libraries - no need to include one library for DOM manipulation and events, another one for handling dates and a third library for templates.

No surprises!

Minified has no polyfills and does not try too hard to hide browser differences. Your JavaScript code works with the same features as your HTML and CSS code.
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August 5, 2015: Minified 1.1
July 27, 2014: Minified 1.0
July 27, 2014: Minified 1.0
June 6, 2014: Beta 6 released
March 28, 2014: Beta 5 released
December 17, 2013: Beta 4 is out!
November 8, 2013: Beta 3 released!
August 20, 2013: Beta 3 Update

Getting Started

This demo shows you how to use a simple HTML template and how to handle events:

This demo is a bit more complex and shows a simple, animated app:

Check out the How-to and the API docs to explore Minified on your own. Or go to this presentation or the tutorial for some more guidance.

Here are a few JSFiddle example to get you started:
Animation 1, Animation 2, Animation Loops, Animation Gradients, Fade/Slide Toggles, Request + JSON, HTML Templates 1, HTML Templates 2, Number Formats, Date Formats

Size Comparison

NameLegacy IE SupportCompiled SizeCompiled and GZip'd
Minified (complete)no20kb8.0kb
...plus IE6-8 supportno23kb9.0kb
...Web Module onlyyes10kb4.0kb
...Web Module with IE6-8 supportyes12kb4.9kb
jQuery 1.11.3yes94kb32kb
jQuery 2.1.4no82kb29kb
MooTools Core NoCompat 1.5.0yes88kb29kb
Zepto.js 1.1.6no25kb9.1kb

Feature Comparison

Feature / LibraryMinifiedMinified WebjQueryMooToolsZepto.js
CSS Selectoryes
CSS1 or browser engine
CSS1 or browser engine
CSS3 subset + extensions
CSS3 subset + extensions
browser engine
CSS Style Changesyesyes yes yes yes
CSS Class Changesyesyes yes yes yes
Element Creationyesyes yes
HTML-strings only
yes yes
HTML-strings only
Element Cloningyesyes yes yes yes
DOM Manipulationyesyes yes yes yes
Animation (numeric)yesyes yes yes no
extra module, CSS only
Animation (color)yesyes no yes no
extra module, CSS only
Eventsyesyes yes yes yes
DOMReadyyesyesyesyes yes
Ajax/XHRyesyes yes yes yes
Promises/A+-compatibleyesyes yes no no
JSONyesyes yes yes yes
Cookiesyesyes no yes no
Form Serializationyesyes yes no yes
Collection Helpers yesno yes yes yes
AMD support yesyes yes no no
Templates yesno no no no
Number Formatting yesno no no no
Date Formatting yesno no no no
Date Arithmetic yesno no no no
Online Builder yes
modules and functions
modules and functions
no yes
Internet Explorer 6-8 compatible yes
IE-support optional
IE-support optional
jQuery 1.x only
yes no

Browser Compatibility

Minified has been tested successfully with...

FirefoxChromeEdgeInternet ExplorerSafari / iOSSafari / MacOSAndroid browser
3.6 and higher14 and higher0.116.0 and higheriOS 3.0 and higher5.1 and higherAndroid 2.2 and higher